Name: Jutta BOKOR
Opera Singer: Mezzo-soprano                                                                   

Personal information:
Name, Surname: Jutta BOKOR
Phone: +36/30/946 7025
Type of Voice: Mezzo-soprano
 She begun to play piano at 7 years and to sing at 14 years;
 1979-1983: Academy of Music in Budapest. She graduated at opera chair
as Márta Ónody’s student;
 1977-1983: She studied German songs under Lohre Fischer and Normann
Shatler in Leipzig;
 1978-1984: She studied under Yevgeny Nesterenko Russian and Italian
roles in Budapest.
 From 1983 – up to now:
After having completed her study in 1983, she joined to the Hungarian
State Opera House as a private singer. She impersonated great mezzo
heroines of Mozart, Verdi, Bizet and Offenbach. She is a sought singer of
oratorio pieces. Her voice can be heard at concerts as well as LPs.
She continuously sings opera roles and oratorios;
She is an outstanding teacher. Regularly teaches singing for young singers.
She was invited to sing by many of the world's greatest and prestigious opera houses.
 1985-1990: She had a contract with the ‘Volksoper of Vienna’. The main
roles are: Nancy in ‚Lustige Weiber‘, 2 nd Dame in Zauberflote, Orlovsky in
Fledermaus. Premier Siegfried Matthus: ‚Die Gedankstimme des Cornets‘;
 1994, Berlin: Capella, she sang the alto solo of the oratorio Elijah (Elias) by
 1990, Montreal Opera House. She sang Zerlina at the Don Giovanni
premiere at the Montreal Opera from which an opera-movie was made (ZDF
Opera Film Production);
 1992: She was the Hungarian representative of the ‘Friendship Concert’
organized as part of the ‘Peoples of the Danube Festival’ in memory of
Lutoslawski. The oratoria was broadcasted in the Polish Radio from the
Warsaw Concert Hall. All participant song the world-piece composition in
their own language;
 She sang the role of Ocavian of the ‘Knight of the Rose’ (Der Rosenkavalier)
and the alto solo of the Easter Oratorio by Bach in Zagreb. In 1999 it was
recorded by the Zagrab Television;
 Japan
1998-99: She played the main role or supporting roles of several Hungarian
opera movies. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro: Cherubino.
She performed the roles in 11 different Japanese cities.
2000: Giacomo Puccini: Madama Butterfly-Suzuki in 20 cities, 20
2002: She performed Rigoletto in 20 cities of Japan from Nagoya to
Sapporo including Hirosima, Nagasaki, Kagosima, Fukuoka, Tsu, Kobe,
Osaka, Chiba, Yokosuka, Morioka, Aomori, Niigata, Tokio, Okoyama and so
2003: She sang the role of Giovanna from Rigoletto of Giuseppe Verdi in 16
cities, 16 performances;
Japanese tour: at the invitation of the conductor Itzaki Masahiro (Music
Director of Synfonic Musicband of Szolnok for several years) in Tokio,
Niigata. She sang oratorios and from Zoltán Kodály: Missa brevis, Te Deum,
Gioccahino Rossini: Stabat Mater, Antonin Dvorak: Stabat Mater oratorios.
 She was guest artist in
1984: Belgium, Gent International Competition for Singers. She received a
Special Prize of Gent Agentur which won her an invitation to Wales;
1985: Wales
1992-1994: National Divadlo of Prague (Czech Republic). She song (Carmen,
Amneris, Laura),
1991-1994, Divadlo of Brno, (Slovakia): Carmen, Amneris.
Germany tour: She sang Fledermaus more than 70 times at many cities of
1985: Wales Singer of the Wold Competition BBC l/ record and television-record;
1986: Iceland, Giuseppe Verdi: Requiem 3 times in Reykjavic, under the
baton of Robin Stapleton;
1992: Warsaw, Danube Festival in memory of Lutoslawski, TV and radio
1989: Estonia, Tallin Mozart: Requiem
2000-2005: Skopje and Ochrid Summer Music Festival of Macedonia every
year: Song Evenings, Mozart: Requiem 4 times, Verdi Requiem 3 times.

Her most remarkable roles
She has a very wide repertoire. She performed in numerous operas in their
original language.
1. Bizet: Carmen, Budapest, Brno, Prague;
2. Verdi: Aida- Amneris, Brno, Prague Győr;
3. Verdi: La forza del destino: Preziosilla, Budapest, in more than 30
German cities within the tour of the Hungarian State Opera House and in
4. Richard Strauss: Rosenkavalier: Octavian, Budapest, Zagreb;
5. Richard Strauss: Aradne auf Naxos, Composer, Budapest;
6. Puccini: Madam Butterfly, Suzuki -Budapest, Locarno (Switzerland),
Athen Herodes Atticus;
7. Mozart: La clemenza di Tito: Sesto, Budapest, Zürich Opera;
8. Mozart La clemenza di Tito: Annio, Budapest Opera and 8 cities in
Switzerland, Television recording;
9. Mozart: Zauberflote: 2 nd Dame, Budapest, Wiener Volksoper, Wiener
10. Mozart: Zauberflote: 3rd Dame, more than in 40 German and Austrian
cities including Bregenz, Wien, Passau, München, Köln, Wiesbaden, and
so on and Cherubino in Budapest, Television Films, Youtube, Japan;
11. Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro, Marcellina, Budapest;
12. Mozart: Cosi fan tutte: Dorabella /Hungarian in Budapest, Italian in
Gent Competition, German in Berlin ‘Komische Oper’ directed by Harry
13. Rossini: Il barbiere di Figaro- Rosina, Budapest, in some Hungarian
festivals, including Szeged, Ponchielli: La Gioconda, Laura, in Prague;
14. Otto Nicolai: „Die lustige Weiber“, Frau Reich,in Wiener Volksoper,
Flotow: Martha_Nancy, Budapest and Wiener Volksoper;
15. Johann Strauss: Zigaunerbaron-Zipra, more than in 30 German cities;
Premier in Wels, Österreich, 1995 Sanctpolten, Mörbish,
16. Offenbach; Hoffmanns Erzahlungen: Nicolauss, Budapest, Szeged
Summer Festival;
17. Bizet: Carmen- Mercedes, more than 300 performances, 5 inscenation
(Margaret Island Summer Festival, Mörbisch Sommer Festival, 2nd
Dame: Budapest, Wien Staatsoper, Volksoper, from München to Cleve
trough Hamburg at least 70 times 3 rd Dame from Zauberflote.
18. Charles Gounod: Romeo e Juliette: Stephano, Budapest from 1989
to1997 Budapest, Zürich Oper, Walencia 1993/;

Oratorien :
She is an outstanding oratorio singer. Some of her repertoire:
 „Das Lied von der Erde“ with Geza Oberfrank, Bratislava, Concert Gebow
 Johann Sebastian Bach: Johannes Passion-, Mattheus Passion: Budapest,
Pécs, Cleve, Achen, Frankfurt 1989- 1997 /every year at Easter /;
 W. A. Mozart: Requiem: Budapest, Győr, Pécs, Athen with Jurij Simonov, TV
movie with György Lehel;

Other important activities
The proof of her versatileness is not only the roles she played, but also her
openness and interest to other fields of culture.
 She is a presenter of a radio show (Bartók and Petőfi Radio);
 In frame of ‘Gesang International Meister Course für Oper und Deutshe
Lieder‘ she -as a professor- held a master course in Majk, Hungary for
young artists with 10 other international tutors.
 Chairperson of the Board of the ‘Bartók Music House of Rákoshegy’. She
organizes domestic and international courses of clasical music, folk music
contests ("White Dove"). She has very a good relationship with musicians of
surrounding and other West European countries and Japan. The artists of
these countries are invited regulary to perform in Bartók Music House of
 She is the dreamer and presenter of classical concerts, interactive program
for children.
 She stages some new Hungarian operas for adults and children ‘Tristle’
(Bogáncs), ‘Our Accusing Past’ (Vádoló múltunk)’, ‘Peter and Wolf’ (Péter és
a Farkas), ‘Silver Violin’ (Ezüsthegedű), ‘Milk Power’ (Tejhatalom) from
István Csukás :
 Her tale-opera, ‘Thistle’ (Bogáncs) is on the program of the Opera House.
 She is Ambassador of the Hungarian Opera House since 2014: She
familiarizes masterpieces of opera with children. She holds interactive
musical sessions country-wide in more age groups introducing the famous
opera pieces.
Opera movies:
1. 1995: Csajkovszkij: ‘Anyegin’, Olga
2. 1996: Mozart: ‘Le nozze di Figaro’: Cherubino
3. 1984: Mozart: ‘Requiem’
4. 1986: Gounod: ‘Pigion’, opera muvie
5. 1987: Verdi: ‘Rigoletto’
6. 1989: Farkas Ferenc- Vincze Otto ‘Evening’, directed by Békés András
7. 1990: Puccini: Sister Angelica, Il sour di Angelica
8. 2015: Mozart: ‘Requiem’
9. 2015: Tóth Armand: ‘Silver Violin’ (Ezüsthegedű), tail opera
10. 2015. ‘Thistle’ (Bogáncs)
11. 1996: Johann Sebastian Bach: H-moll Messe on occasion of visiting II.
John-Paul Pope in Hungary.

CD-s of Jutta Bokor
1. Carl Goldmark solo song; a World premiere first production/
2. Golden Cloudes solo song/ Hungaroton/
3. Zoltán Horusitzky songs with Tamás Salgó pianist/ Hungaroton/
4. Mozart: Krönung‘s Messe by Janos Ferencsik /Hungaroton/
5. Beethoven:C dúr Messe by: Miklós Erdélyi/Hungaroton/
6. Richardt Wagner Parsifal –Page by Janos Ferencsik /Hungaroton/
7. Bartók Music House Production/
8. Johann Sebatian Bach : h-moll Messe by Jurij Simonov/ States Opera/
9. Richardt Strauss Lieder with piano accompaniment of Anna Lugosi
10. Emil Petrovics: ‘Göndör bárány’ /Serbian songs/ with accompaniment
of László Borbély by piano;
11. Balázs Árpád: ‘Our accusing Past’ (Vádoló múltunk), chamber opera
with orchestral accompaniment of Kodály Quartet.

Awards and recognition

1. 1985 “Singer of the World”, 2nd place in Cardiff (Wales) organized by
BBC Wales;
2. 25 th March 1992, ‘Bartók-Pásztory Award’, Budapest, Hungary;
3. August 2007, ‘Podmaniczky Award’, Budapest, Hungary
4. 17 th November 2008 : ‘Pro Budapest Award’, Budapest, Hungary
5. 10 th December 2010: ‘Artisjus Award’, Budapest, Hungary
6. 5 th June 2010: ‘Honorary citizen of Rákosmente’, Budapest, Hungary